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bet you didn’t know… (no. 21)

last summer i immersed myself in new england history. it kind of happened by accident – but before i knew it, i had read a dozen books on the subject and subjected my… Continue reading

Earth Day (No. 20)

this image makes me think of life literally bursting all around me…my own little earth day salute!

Promises, Promises (No. 19)

Last week was spectacular – warm (hot!) sunny days which my family and I filled with plenty of outdoor adventures. We could almost touch summer, she was dancing so close. Today is very… Continue reading

appreciating vanity (no. 17)

every so often i am struck by the beauty of something common that i’ve managed to take for granted. this past weekend it was hot and summer-like here in the boston area, so… Continue reading

WHEW!! Good to be back! (no. 9)