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Faith (No. 55)

a friend i’ve known since middle school approached me recently and asked if i would make her one of my “MaMa Medallions“, but in a totally custom style. as most of my work… Continue reading

aw, that’s sweet (No. 50)

FIFTY! just 12 posts to go in this crazy challenge of mine…and then i can just blog at will!! hehehe. here’s one of my heartsNflowers necklaces. i finished it today, an order from… Continue reading

JOY (no. 22)

while this may be one of my simpler pieces, it is made with one of my favorite stones…dalmation jasper (bet you can guess which one that is). I’ve always loved its random markings… Continue reading

bet you didn’t know… (no. 21)

last summer i immersed myself in new england history. it kind of happened by accident – but before i knew it, i had read a dozen books on the subject and subjected my… Continue reading

Tangled Up In Blue (no. 16)

hands down, one of my favorite songs in the world is dylan’s “tangled up in blue”. it has been part of my personal soundtrack for at least 20 years, and I’ve either been… Continue reading

sometimes, a reason (no.12)

howlite is a stone i’ve always loved to incorporate into my work. it’s a beautiful, white opaque stone with grey veins that run through it like tiny rivers. people who see it in… Continue reading

62 days! (day 1)

yesterday i saw a post on facebook informing me that there were 62 days left until Dedham Open Studios on may 20th. this will be my first year participating in DOS, and the… Continue reading