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Boston, you’re my home.

At this moment, I am on Boylston Street. Yes, that Boylston Street. The one the tourists come to now with more than a desire to shop, eat, find the Freedom Trail. It’s crawling… Continue reading

Luminous Labradorite

This center stone is called Labradorite. Legend says it comes from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. It certainly has an inner glow like that of a blue flame! It is often… Continue reading

Once Upon A Town

Veteran’s Day was yesterday, I know, but I was reminded this morning of an amazing story, and the photo I took to honor it. So I’m sharing it today, a day late…but really,… Continue reading

Colorful Provence

This pendant is the the first of a collection inspired by my time in Provence this summer. Lavender, poppies and sunflowers color the landscape there, making purple, red and yellow the “colors of… Continue reading

Meteor Showers and R.E.M… it’s personal

First of all, hello, hello…I’ve taken a long hiatus from this blog, but I have lots to share and have vowed to resume writing regularly. We’ll see how I do!! There has been… Continue reading

all about the kids…

I have been away for a while… I kind of took the summer off from blogging and my newsletter and…  yes, I know it is Thanksgiving week and summer is but a glimmer… Continue reading

Number 62!!!!

Today is the day! And this is my 62nd piece of art…where it all comes together, my display at open studios! I’m so glad I challenged myself with blogging 62 works of art… Continue reading

Ring, ring, ring! (no. 61)

I love designing ( and wearing) rings… They show off gems, catch light when (I’m Italian) I talk with my hands, and serve as perfect little canvases for wearable art. Here are 3,… Continue reading

Wet (no. 60)

These little dolphins seem to be dripping water as they soar… Fine silver, blue zircon with faceted blue topaz drops. At dedham open studios right now!!

Setting up! (no. 59)

Here is one more new necklace, going into the case at Dedham open studios!