Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Technical difficulties!

So I’m a little behind with my posts this week… Yikes! My laptop is painfully slow, clearly pushed to capacity…so I need to back everything up externally & delete things to make space.… Continue reading

Oh Sweet Ocean (Day 8)

i was very happy to finally get some time to create this dolphin pendant – i had the idea a few weeks ago and was dying to see how it came out in… Continue reading

Ramble On, Rose (Day 7)

when i was in college, i took a number of fantastic writing courses, my favorite of which was Travel Writing. it was an amazing class, maybe ten or twelve students, only two americans.… Continue reading

On the Verge (Day 5)

texture. glorious, glorious texture. i love capturing it in an image, and for the last six months i’ve been experimenting with texture in the medium i choose for my prints. canvas. metal. linen-textured… Continue reading

Public Art (Day 4)

last week, i watched the film “My Week With Marilyn”, and it reminded me of some images i shot on a recent trip to chicago which i had not yet turned into the… Continue reading

all work and no play… (day 6)

this is my work of art for the day – forty grinning frogs for my daughter’s preschool class. life is an art project…

aging (or just pretending to) – day 2

one of the things that has drawn me to jewelry since i was a small child is the thought that whatever the piece is, if it’s not brand-new in a jewelry store, someone… Continue reading

Spring Leaf – Day 3

i know it is cliche to talk about the weather…but let’s talk about this weather!!! 83 degrees. march 22nd. boston. seriously! “out like a lamb” doesn’t seem sweet enough! anyway, i took a… Continue reading

62 days! (day 1)

yesterday i saw a post on facebook informing me that there were 62 days left until Dedham Open Studios on may 20th. this will be my first year participating in DOS, and the… Continue reading

new beginnings…

i’ve been gearing up for a fresh start on this blog of mine, and here it is. i chose the spring equinox because today is the day that day and night are equal,… Continue reading